Who we are

What We Offer

B.S.E. Business Solution Enterprise designs and implements solutions based on client’s and market's needs. We mainly focus on the following services:

We offer web service as part of a complete solution or as a standalone product. Web services can be used to serve all kind of purposes. Some of them are:

1) Pulling specific data from your database, controlled by the service, without having a webpage or direct access the database.

2) For external autonomous or on-demand tasks, such as, daily reports or automatically creating users.

The possibilities are endless, Contact us to discuss your needs and offer the best cost and time effective solutions.

We develop windows application on daily basis for many clients. Our windows applications are designed having always in mind the usability, robustness, effectiveness as well as security.

B.S.E. Bussiness Solution Enterprises develops custom softwares or take over existing ones. Ready-made softwares are usually closed sourced and target wide audience, thus cannot be expanded or customized to include that extra feature your business requires. 

Contact us today to make sure your software is developed to suit your evolving business needs.

Depending on the situtation, we recommend web application over windows application. Whether your business suffering from slow PCs or outdated windows, web application can solve these problems effectively, thus saving money in the long term.

B.S.E. Business Solution Enterprises can host your existing web application at a low-cost solution. Our hardware were built having in mind, high availability, load balacing and security. We can host even the most depanding application, terrabytes of space and unlimited computing power.

Contact us and stay one step ahead from the competition.

B.S.E. Business Solution Enterprises can create the most usable and productive mobile application for your company. Our CUSTOM mobile applications excel in increasing workflow.

We take all necessary steps, from developing, publishing the software to the stores to installing it to your devices. Whether it is a smartphone or tablet, IOS or Android.

In addition, part of our expertise is taking an existing mobile application and enhancing it to the point of limitless.

Contact us to discuss the requirements of the mobile aplication your business seeks.

Simple representation of your business is a must, a website. Creating a website is not as simple of a menu bar and content. There is a whole story behind a website, from marketing prespective, user-friendliness to fully responsiveness. In addition, our custom marketing tools, will advertise your website to the most used search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. 

Contact us and create your website as soon as possible.

B.S.E. Business Solution Enterprises offers 24/7 support for users, off-site support via remote tools and on-site support.

Our support can be for simple daily tasks, such as excel not opening to a more complex issues such as failure to bootup the PC or hard drive issues.

Contact us to fix your support issues once and for all.

Our NOC team can support 24/7 your servers physical or virtual at ease.

B.S.E. Business Solution Enterprises monitors your event logs, scheduled tasks, software as well as hardware. We can notify you right away when there's an issue and provide the best solution available. In many cases we are able predict a failure before it happens.

Contact us to visit and provide support for your servers.

Networking can be very complex to maintain. Installing a gigabit switch and connecting all clients and servers, is not the best practise for a proper setup. B.S.E. Business Solution Enterprises experts are able to maintain and support complex network infrastructures.  

We can monitor switches and predict a problematic PC or server causing a high latency on the network. We can predict networking bandwidth issues that might arise due to recent growth of your business. 

We know, we can help. Contact us today.

B.S.E. Business Solution Enterprises provides high availability and load balancing to your infrastructure. Never suffer a downtime again due to networking issues. We can lower your cost with the remote location you may be having, offering the best solution.

We can implement a networking between on-premises servers and cloud servers. Accessing cloud servers without proper network and security is not something to think about.

Along other network implementation, we can provide Routing and Remote Access, internet load balancing, high availability and network clustering.

Contact us to have your network problems solved or implementations setup as soon as possible.

B.S.E. Business Solution Enterprises provides telephony solutions from major brands such as Asterisk and Avaya. Whether you need a sip-only telephony system or a hybrid of sip and bri.

We can take over an existing telephony whatever brand it is, enchace it and support it.

Contact us to discuss your needs.

B.S.E. Business Solution Enterprises provides backups solutions to any environment. Physical or virtual, we can back it up.

We can store backups on-site or off-site, depending on your needs. Also, we can host your backup as well as provide off-site backup storage for your enterprise.

All backup data are encrypted as well as the communication between client and server. Our experts are able to store backups to an onsite storage such as, harddisk and tapes or offsite storage such as Azure storage blobs, Amazon Storage Services (S3) or to Google Storage.

Contact us to discuss your needs.

Even with on-site IT support, not all ITs know everything inside out. We can visit and review your infrastructure and consult changes that will definately , save you money and time as well as improve the whole enterprise.

Consulting also varies, from network, telephony, backups, server, pc to hybrid implementation.

Contact us to discuss your needs.

B.S.E. Business Solution Enterprises provides cloud solution for small business as well as enterprises. We'll review your infrastructure and decide which cloud suits your need best, having in mind costs, features and maintainability.

Windows infrastructure bests suits azure cloud, yet Linux might suit Google cloud or Amazon cloud. Then again, SQL suits Azure cloud perfect, but Postgre fits Amazon. In many cases, the key is combining two or more cloud providers together, gaining the best world of Windows and Linux support.

We can provide and configure office 365, sharepoint, emailing, DKIM and SPF and all related features.

Contact us to discuss your needs and provide the best possible solution.

While nothing is unhackable, having a complex and very secured environment is a must. We provide penetration testing services to websites, network, PCs and servers. Virtual or physical.

Recent open ssl vulnerability affected millions of setups, unforunately most of them haven't patched them. Are you one of them? We provide and configure firewalling solutions from most major brands, such as pfSense, Cisco and Checkpoint.

In addition, our services include installations, maintenance and configuration of antivirus and antimalware softwares such as Eset, Symantec endpoint and antimalware bytes. These enterprise software aren't simple as an installation.

Contact us to secure your infrastructure. Never avoid security.

We offer migration solutions for enterprises, to replace physical servers to virtual servers and vise versa. Stored on-site or off-site to cloud platforms. Local stored hypervisor can either be Vmware Esxi or Hyper-v, depending on your needs. We'll offer the best suitable platform. Off-site hypervisor can be Azure cloud, Google cloud or Amazon cloud.

Contact us to migrate your infrastructure today.

B.S.E. Business Solution Enterprises offers migration solutions for data. Providing centralized environment , physical or virtual, on premises or cloud. Migration without downtime, is very hard to do without the right knowledge and experience. We can guarantee there will be no downtime at all.

To have your data centralized or migrated to cloud, whether it is simple data files such as excel, word or more sophisticated data such as SQL, MYSQL or Postgre.

Contact us today.